C. J. Christ

President and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Christ was a B-29 pilot during the Korean Conflict.


Will Theriot

Vice President, Photographer

Mr. Theriot was a junior member of his hometown Civil Defense Corps during World War II. He serves as a museum volunteer with a deep gratitude to those who have and those who continue to serve in our armed forces.


Shirley Bourg


Mrs, Bourg is the widow of a deceased State Trooper who served in the US Army Reserve.


Hymel “Sarge” Henry

Board Member

Mr. Henry served in Korea with the US Marine Corps. He was in Artillery.


Phillip McMahan

Board Attorney

Mr. McMahan served in Korea with the US Army. He was a Combat Engineer.


Russell Poiencot

Board Member

Mr. Poiencot entered the U.S. Army Air Corps at the end of World War II and served in occupied Japan. He was an aerial photographer. The Corps became the US Air Force during his service.


Mart Black

Board Member

Mr. Black served in the US Air Force 1969-1970.


T. K. Lightfoot

Board Member

Mr. Lightfoot served in the Naval Reserve from:1966-1972.


Matt Porche

Board Member

Mr. Porche operates and maintains the museum Landing Craft (LCVP).